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THE NEXT - Make It Quick 7" EP (CRR-011)

The Next formed in early 1978 after seeing the Sex Pistols play their home town of San Antonio. They soon moved to Austin and became one of only a handful of punk groups in the area, helping to jump start a scene that would later be one of the most recognized in the country.

The Make It Quick EP was released in short supply in 1979 and touted some of the fiercest tunes of the era including the classic "Cheap Rewards," which provided the namesake of this here label. Few realize the song wasn't originally intended for the EP. After dusting off some old 1/4" reel tapes we discovered not only an unreleased and forgotten song titled "Stupid Girls," but also a live radio appearance where the band discusses their upcoming EP with "Mr. Wonderful," "Monotony" and "Stupid Girls." Cheap Rewards is not mentioned. We've provided digital versions of these lost recordings on our Bandcamp page and in the player above.

We've made two distinct sleeves for this release. 400 will include the photo from the original foldout cover. 100 will have an alternate and previously unpublished photo of the band. The covers were rubber stamped by original Next members Ty Gavin and Arthur Hays as they did 35 years ago when the record was first released, so each one is completely unique.

The left photo below is the original sleeve. The right one is the alt sleeve.

Pre-Sale Begins: June 27, 2014
Pressing Details: 100 copies with alt photo sleeve; 400 copies with original photo sleeve

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BOBBY SOXX - Hate In The 80's 7" (CRR-010)

Official re-release of the sole Bobby Soxx single, remastered from original tapes and sounding incredible. Throw away your bootlegs and experience this record the way it was intended. Texas punk at it's finest. These will sell out quick and not be repressed.

Pre-Sale Begins: June 27, 2014
Pressing Details: 500 copies Black

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RADIO READY: Wisconsin - Lost Power Pop Hits 1979-1982 LP (CRR-012)

The second installment of the Radio Ready regional power pop compilation series takes us to Wisconsin, a land more known for football, cheese and beer than infectious pop tunes, yet the 14 tracks contained within the grooves of this LP showcase groups from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and Kenosha during a period of immense creativity when stardom seemed within reach. Sadly the talent of these bands was never appreciated by major labels and few made it beyond local recognition. The fact is, nearly half the songs documented in this collection didn’t even see a vinyl release in their day, while the rest were independently released in small runs for a regional market. Thirty years on, the music bolsters a youthful energy, an undying spirit and a plentiful supply of catchy hooks that should have earned them all national attention. Cheap Rewards Records has diligently remastered all the songs from a myriad of original sound sources to bring a coherent collection of pop tunes ripe for a new audience. The record comes in a vibrant gatefold sleeve with photo collages and liner notes by Dave Luhrssen, co-founder of Milwaukee’s largest and longest running alternative newspaper, the Shepherd Express.

Pre-Sale Begins: March 18, 2014
Pressing Details: 100 copies Packers green and yellow; 400 copies Black

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MANUAL SCAN - All Night Scan LP (CRR-009)

MANUAL SCAN emerged from San Diego’s fertile music scene in 1981. Initially popular on the teen dance circuit, the band quickly became a club favorite, gigging throughout the state over the next decade. Manual Scan recorded for several indie labels through their run, releasing records in England, The U.S. and Spain. Heavily mod inspired with a love for The Zombies and The Jam, All Night Scan includes 19 of their best tracks taken from numerous recording sessions beginning with their 1982 debit, Plan of Action.

Pre-Sale Begins: October 7, 2013
Ship Date: October 14, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Blue; 400 copies Black

THE TUNES - Love Uncool LP (CRR-008)

Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, THE TUNES were a band that embraced the pop side of the power pop genre. They gigged throughout the Midwest between 1979 and 1983, self releasing a 7" EP in 1982 with the goal of scoring a record deal. Sadly, the industry failed to notice the band’s strong songwriting ability and exceptionally catchy pop tunes. After the rejection letters piled up, the band split apart leaving very little to sustain their legacy. Thirty years later, Cheap Rewards Records has unearthed six demos that were previously only heard by club owners and booking agents decades ago. Love Uncool presents these lost gems on vinyl for the very first time along with the four classic songs from their original EP.

Pre-Sale Begins: October 7, 2013
Ship Date: October 14, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Yellow; 400 copies Black

RADIO READY: Texas - Lost Power Pop Hits 1978-1983 LP (CRR-007)

RADIO READY is a new regional compilation series that features lost power pop gems from the 1978-83 era. This first installment focuses on groups from Texas and spans Houston, Austin, Dallas, and even Amarillo! These 13 “shoulda been” hits were culled from hard to find singles and unreleased demos. Fully authorized by all the bands and expertly mastered from original source materials, these songs have never sounded better. Some of them are being presented on vinyl for the very first time. Stunning cover art and deluxe gatefold packaging with extensive liner notes gives these long overlooked bands a second chance to be discovered. Includes digital download card.

Track Listing:
Pengwins - What You Gonna Do *
Bruce Moody - This Is It
The Fad - Think
The Haskells - Pop Art
Lawnmowers - Want You Bad *
Rattlecats - Those Are The Breaks *
Jemmy Leggs - Fireworks
Amatones - Plastic Surgeon
The Spies - My Radio
The Shades - The Big One *
The Take - Tonight
True Hearts - All My Time
US Mods - I'm Gone

*Previously Unreleased

Pre-Sale Begins: May 6, 2013
Ship Date: May 13, 2013
Pressing Details: 50 copies Lime Green; 350 copies Black; 100 copies Orange

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THE HUGH BEAUMONT EXPERIENCE was a Ft Worth band formed by members that were only 15 and 16 years old. In 1981 they booked a four hour block of time at an inexpensive studio where they recorded and mixed what would become the Cone Johnson EP. The record features four teen angst classics and is now considered a holy grail of TX punk rock. Original copies rarely surface and those that do fetch serious dough. We figured it was about time the record got its due diligence with true reproduction art and a sound that is unparalleled, mastered from an original safety copy. Package includes an insert with new liners from guitarist Tommie Duncan and a digital download card.

This record is dedicated to the memory of Brad Stiles.

Pre-Sale Begins: May 6, 2013
Ship Date: May 13, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Green; 400 copies Black

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LEGIONAIRE'S DISEASE BAND - Rather See You Dead 7" (CRR-005)

LEGIONAIRE'S DISEASE BAND was formed in Houston by Jerry Anomie. A former convict, Jerry found inspiration after meeting Iggy Pop who helped him realize he could change his life by starting a band. Initially doing renditions of Dead Boys, Richard Hell, Sex Pistols and Stooges songs, Jerry wrote a full set of originals and the Disease took the city by storm.

The band went into Magic Rat Studios in 1979 with just $120 and recorded the “Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head)” single which was released on their own Disease Unlimited Records in a small run. A second batch was done on Lunar Lab shortly after.

Jerry conceived a plan to promote the record by staging his own funeral. Finagling a casket from a local funeral home and making an announcement on KPFT, the ploy lured people into Warehouse Records and Tapes where Jerry was rolled out in the casket. Chris Lord of Plastic Idols read his Eulogy before Jerry was resurrected and the band played an in-store.

A bona-fide classic with its inclusion on Bloodstains Across Texas, “Rather See You Dead” has finally received a proper reissue. Includes digital download card. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Pre-Sale Begins: May 6, 2013
Ship Date: May 13, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Pink Swirl; 400 copies Black

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THE FINDERS - Finders Keepers LP (CRR-004)

THE FINDERS continued the power pop path set by their previous incarnation, the Rockers. After solidifying a new line-up consisting of John “Rock” Perga, Phil Schraub, Bryan Allinsmith and John San Filippo, the band began working on a series of demos before entering the studio to record their first single featuring “It’s So Insane” and “Which Way.”

The band created a theatrical stage show which included John puking into a toilet during their song “Bad Food,” the B-Side of their second single. The A-Side was a track called “Calling Dr. Howard,” which paid homage to the Three Stooges. When Moe Howard’s daughter saw the cover of the picture sleeve which illustrated John throwing up beside a poster of the Three Stooges, she had a cease and desist letter sent out which forced the band to change the cover image. Nonetheless, the song became a popular local radio hit and they even made a music video for it that saw rotation on MTV.

The Finders later added a second guitar player named Mark Newcomb and went in the studio to record a full length album with former Move manager Tony Secunda producing. After completion, they found their label had gone belly up and things spiralled downhill from there with the band ultimately splitting up in the summer of 1983.

The tapes from their last recording session sat in the Mobius Studios vault for over 20 years before Phil and Dennis rescued them. Now for the first time ever on vinyl, Cheap Rewards Records is honored to deliver the best recordings from those session along with quality studio and demo material in one great package.

Pre-Sale Begins: January 3, 2013
Ship Date: January 7, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Blue; 400 copies Black

THE ROCKERS - Self Titled 7" (CRR-003)

THE ROCKERS formed in 1977 by longtime songwriting team John “Rock” Perga and Phil Schraub. They wanted to put a live act together to showcase their pop sensibilities, so they added Bryan Allinsmith and Carl Jeppesen to the line-up and began perfecting melodies that incorporated two and three-part harmonies. The Rockers primarily played shows in the bay area and built a significant local following. At the end of 1979, they went in the studio and recorded four of their original songs. Trying to emulate the sound of their favorite British Invasion recordings, they succeeded in producing a highly polished and remarkable sounding 7" EP that was released on their own Alcatraz Records in 1980.

Regarded by many power pop enthusiasts as one of the top records of the genre, Cheap Rewards Records is proud to offer this fully authorized reproduction for a budget price so that fans new and old can enjoy this timeless masterpiece.

Pre-Sale Begins: January 3, 2013
Ship Date: January 7, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Red; 400 copies Black

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THE LIMIT - Self Titled LP(CRR-002)

THE LIMIT sprang from fertile ground. In the early 1980s, New Orleans was home to a thriving punk, hardcore, new wave and metal scene. The Limit, who coined their brand of music “powerful pop,” began playing the local club scene in the spring of 1982.

The trio recorded their debut EP at the end of 1982 and released it as a 10” in May of 1983 in an edition of 500 copies. Featuring four infectiously catchy tunes, the record sold well and received promising reviews.

Although the band enjoyed modest success in Louisiana, drawing large crowds to their shows, they were unable to gain interest from major labels. The band lost momentum and ultimately broke up in January of 1984.

30 years after The Limit recorded the songs for their sole release, Cheap Rewards Records is excited to give new life to their music. The Limit LP compiles the songs from the band’s self-released EP, along with a demo of their shoulda-been hit, “Uh Oh,” plus an entire side of previously unreleased live recordings. Expertly restored from original source tapes, this record is a remarkable listen from start to finish. All copies come with a free digital download card.

Pre-Sale Begins: March 5, 2012; Ship Date: March 12, 2012
Limit button & press kit included with pre-sale orders!!!
Pressing Details: 100 copies White; 400 copies Black

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THE REACTIONS - Saturday's Gone Wild LP (CRR-001)

THE REACTIONS emerged in 1979 amidst the budding South Florida punk scene that featured such revered acts as The Eat, The Essentials, and The Cichlids. Their rapid-fire songs, punctuated by driving guitar and anthemic vocals, foreshadowed the pop punk sound that gained popularity over the next several decades.

The Reactions self-released two limited edition 7” EPs during their brief tenure. Though both records failed to garner the commercial success the band craved, astute music lovers the world over have since discovered their undeniably catchy, hook-filled songs that captivated audiences across Florida for a brief moment in time. The current demand for the original vinyl records has turned them into sought after collector's items.

As its debut release, Cheap Rewards Records is proud to present Saturday’s Gone Wild, a collection of rare and lost recordings by The Reactions. The LP includes the songs from their two releases, 1980’s Official Release EP and 1981’s Love You EP, as well as previously unreleased demo and live recordings that capture the essence of the band’s sound and energy. These tracks were meticulously restored and mastered from deteriorating tapes and now, for the first time, music appreciators can enjoy these lost gems. The record is packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with band photos and liner notes by South Florida legend, Charlie Pickett. All copies come with a free digital download card.

Pre-Sale Begins: Sept 23, 2011; Ship Date: Dec 12, 2011
Reactions button & press kit included with pre-sale orders!!!
Pressing Details: 100 copies Red; 400 copies Black

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